How To Straighten a Beard?

Men look majestically royal, and edgy while sporting a beard. How much do you agree on that? Well, there’s no bone of contention to the fact that bearded men have a separate fan base. But, is it applicable for all the textures? Honestly, the curly beards have more tangles than the straight ones. Thus, the primary search for a beard lover remains how to straighten a beard. For obvious reasons, the straightened beard is a boon for men who would like to play it safe.

how to straighten a beard

Avoiding the tangles needs proper maintenance. Trimming it well, keeping the edges short, and of course, proper shampoo and conditioning are the essentials of maintaining a beard well. But, do we also need to straighten it? Technically, yes should be the answer with a few tips for getting a straightened beard. Of course, the most common one is to get hold of the proper beard grooming products. What about the rest?

For that, get glued to the section below, and flaunt your beard in style.

Best Tips For Men To Straighten a Beard

Proper Application Of The Beard Balm

Beard balm lists the various softening and effective hair conditioning properties that you would need. The beard balm contains beeswax that ensures a stronger hold, thereby making the beard look straight all day long. For its proper application, start rubbing a considerable amount of beard balm within your hands, while gently rubbing it into your beard. Then with a comb, try brushing the hair slowly to make sure that every strand of the hair follicle is wholly coated in the balm.

Brushing The Beard As And When Needed

We have tamed the beard with the balm. Now, start brushing your beard hair downwards with a hair bristle brush. Do this properly, and religiously until all the hairs are in sync with one another. With each stroke, the bristles get strongly lock down into the facial hair, thereby enabling you to hold a larger group of hairs. This procedure ensures that your beard has a fuller look, which is mostly intended, what say?

Hand Shaping The Beard

This has to be the favorite step of all. Hand shaping of the beard enables you to style the beard in any style that you desire. If seeking how to straighten a beard, this styling quotient by the hand allows you to have longer and straighter hair which of course, looks dense and fuller. This step not only gets rid of all the dirt that’s stored in the hair but also softens the texture, thereby making it look stylish and appealing.

Blowdrying The Beard

Blow drying is a rapid way of drying the beard hair than then normal towel drying. Also, FYI, this is quite an innovative way of straightening the hair. The device ensures that the direction of the hair growth is always moved downward. Besides, it also underlines the factor that all your beard hairs are growing in the intended direction. While using it, just hold it above your beard with the nozzle facing downward. Besides, also think of a wax-based balm to make the style last longer.

Using A Straightening Iron

This is undoubtedly an impeccably good way of doing the beards. However, this one’s perfect only for the men with long beards. Straightening irons are used without any chemicals and are also known for forming a uniform beard straightening.

Start by slowly drawing the straightening iron closer to the hair roots, and move it gently across the beards. However, be careful while using it as the iron always involves the risk of hair, skin, or face getting burned. Conclude the process by conditioning your beard with beard oil, wax, or balm to maintain the style.

Applying Sea Salt Spray

Applying sea salt spray on the wet beard gives it a proper texture. However, in seeking the products while thinking about how to straighten a beard, make sure to get one with high-quality sea kelp. The sea kelp extract helps to improve the skin barrier function. So, apply a bit of it to your beard, and then spread it evenly throughout your beard.

Washing The Beard Once A Week

Washing the beard at least once a week is a mandate, to retain the natural beard oil, and preventing it from completely drying out. Message and rub the beard shampoo throughout your beard while doing showers for a few minutes. However, make sure to rinse it all completely out when done with all.

A Fine-Toothed Comb Is A Must

A fine-toothed comb is a must to create the correct symmetry on the beard. Besides, if you are also blessed with a mustache, you can also consider shaping and smoothing as and when you desire. Once all the strands are kept straight and tidy you can show your impeccably perfect beard to the world, and slay in style.

Removing The Unruly Hair

The unkempt strands make the hair look disheveled and untidy. So, consider removing them with the help of small-sized trimming scissors, and make them a process in how to straighten a beard. Try removing the patches first that trouble you more. Instead of scissors, electric clippers are also a good option, if you can work carefully amidst the smaller hair and clusters.

Beard Oil Is A Must After Daily Showers

Need not to mention, but beard oil is a must after the daily showers. They moisturize the hair, thereby making it easier to style. Take a small portion, and apply all over the beard, especially from the roots to tips.


Finally, we are done with the tips on how to straighten a beard. As per the stylists and experts, straightening beards make the men look stronger, prettier, and of course, good looking. However, you need to maintain the steps well, take good care of your health, and grab all the products with a good texture. If you think that a beard soap is also a good option, go for it, provided don’t be too rough on your skin.

So, what were your thoughts on the points above? Would you be getting a straightened beard soon? If yes, is the answer, do it well, and you are welcome.