How To Make Your Face Smooth And Pimple Free Naturally?

Healthy and smooth skin, minus all the wrinkles, and pimples, is something we all desire. Of course, owing to the lifestyle, our food habits, and external factors like pollution, and dirt, healthy skin has become a thing of the past. However, hope is something that drives us all through and thereby our search history always bears the results related to how to make your face smooth and pimple free. Agreeable?

how to make your face smooth and pimple free

From homemade face packs to skincare products from reputed beauty companies, and the doctor prescribed medicated creams- these have been tried by all. However, even if there exists a tinge of chance for women to get their skin improved, rough skin and men have been synonymous for ages untold. Does that conclude that men are barred from getting soft skin? 

Well, certainly not. Even men should consider searching the tips and tricks on how to make your face smooth and pimple free. For a start, we can help you. Get glued to the section below and read about the ways to make your smooth and pimple free. Happy self-caring.

9 Easy Ways to Make Your Face Smooth And Pimple Free For Men

Pimples, acne, and oily skin are the primary skin ailments that stop the skin from becoming smooth while stealing its glow. To stop that, just follow a simple skincare routine that is of low-maintenance, apply it, and get a good night’s sleep. So, get hooked to the next section, right now.

1. Careful Cleansing And Washing Of The Face Before Hitting The Bed

Skin hydration is very important. So, after a hectic day, even if you are all weary do not forget to wash your face. Do it with a cleanser that is in sync with your skin type. In case the cleaner is absent from the scene, do it with plain cold water, but wash it for sure. After done with that, apply a night moisturizer for men. This also works great on the skin as the moisturizer freshens up the skin while mending the damages, and to a certain extent also enhances the skin tone.

2. A Sound-Sleep Is A Mandate

Working late at night might be a compulsion, but men, remember that while seeking how to make your face smooth and pimple free, sleep nights are a big NO as they are taking a toll on the skin while damaging the overall health. Sleeping makes your skin repair and regenerate. Getting deprived of the full eight hours’ sleep disrupts the balance and sleep process. It also makes the under-eye circles deep and dark and the blemishes become prominent. Lack of sleep also bears a negative effect by increasing the cortisol level, which initiates the sebaceous glands to release more oil. 

3. Try Locating The Acne-Area

It’s important to locate the patch or face-mapping, where the acne has occurred. Acne near the mouth might be a result of hormonal changes and if found on the forehead, is a result of oily skin. Again, acne near the temples and forehead might also occur due to the hair gel blocking the pores. So, get known to the problem first and before picking on the skincare routine.

4. Stick To A Single Skin-Care Routine

Most of the men shy away from daily skin-care routine owing to the amount of time and effort that needs to be devoted to the skin-care. But men, do remember that this is a myth, and following a proper and suitable skin-care routine is like following the Bible while seeking how to make your face smooth and pimple free. Opt for a simple and two-step skincare routine and don’t change it. Follow it rigorously and see the results get reflected in your skin.

5. Exfoliating Your Skin Works Well

Exfoliation means scrubbing your skin, at least twice a week with a scrubber. This would help to remove all your dead and decaying skin cells while clearing up the clogged pores that cause pimple breakouts. These also help to prevent pimples while making the skin glow and look healthy. However, twice a week is fine. Don’t overdo it, as this might make your skin go dry and invite acnes.

6. Avoid Sugar As Much As You Can

I didn’t mean to be harsh, but yes the ones with a sweet tooth, you need to bid farewell to sugar while thinking of how to make your face smooth and pimple free. They tend to flare up acne while releasing the pimples. Along with sugar, also try to avoid all the high-glycemic food items as the body tends to convert them to glucose, resulting in the insulin levels to spike up and the body getting inflammation. 

7. Place Frozen Spoons Beneath Your Eyes

Ok, no matter how crazy this might sound, this works wonders. Refrigerate a teaspoon overnight, and the next in the morning just place it beneath your eyes. You would feel fresh and rejuvenated, look more awake than before, and your under-eye bags would disappear like they were never there. Even if you were awake the night before, your skin would radiate the desirable freshness and glow.

8. Sunscreen With Proper SPF

Skin gets wrinkled early due to the sun. While your skin gets overexposed to the UV rays of the sun, it starts aging prematurely. To avoid this and achieve wrinkle-free skin, use sunscreen every day while you are out. This gives a shield that protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. Try to find a lotion that has SPF 30, 60, or maybe a bit higher than that. As a substitute, you might as well try a moisturizer with proper SPF, to let your skin remain safe and hydrated when you are outside.

9. Following A Proper Exercise Regime

Exercise and workouts are great to be in shape, but they also affect the skin. Following a stringent and regular exercise routine pumps up the health circulation, making your skin look glowing and bright. By sticking to a daily workout routine, you would reap the benefits by achieving a great body and smooth skin. Just remember to go for a proper face cleansing after the routine. This ensures that the toxins released by your skin are all washed away and they don’t remain back in your skin.


That was an insightful guide on how to make your face smooth and pimple free. Just keep following these and see your skin all, happy, glowing, and rejuvenated. Always remember that your skin is like a mirror that reflects all the stress, tensions, and unhealthy habits hovering in your life. So, make your skin happy. Take very good care of your skin and start feeling very good about it. A happy, healthy, and glowing skin not only makes you a confident person but also satisfies and makes a great impression on the people around you. Start caring for your skin, today.