How To Increase Testosterone in Men Naturally?

As the title suggests, the word testosterone invokes a kind of excitement mixed with curiosity, whenever we hear the word. It seems like we all know about the word but tends to believe more in the pre-conceived and generalized notions, rather than spending a minute to explore the facts. Do you also have your set of preconceived notions? Rather, the accumulated set of answers to the much-heard question, how to increase testosterone in men naturally?

The search for this query generates a lot of results. To be honest, the amount of results is enough to get a person perplexed. But to start afresh, testosterone is a male sex hormone. However, it is also essential for females.

how to increase testosterone in men

Do Testosterone Levels Matter?

As per the reports, men hitting the age of 25–30, starts witnessing a natural decline in the testosterone levels.

This is certainly a problem because researchers have proven a link between low testosterone and obesity, increased disease risk, and premature death.

In males, low testosterone levels result in lowering of libido, and poor health outcomes like the formation of metabolic syndrome. However, for both males and females, low testosterone is the prime cause of depression.

While all of us are aware of such outcomes, how much emphasis do we put on the thought of how to increase testosterone in men naturally?

If you are thinking of an answer then we have something nice for you. Below is the list that states of the proven ways to increase the testosterone level. Have a look, read well, and start practicing today.

We care, so we share. All geared up for the session?

To start on, we have sorted a list of the healthy eatables that works wonders. Get your eyes glued and read on.

Tips To Increase Testosterone in Men

1. Healthy Eatables

  • Eggs- Eggs are the most versatile source of protein as apart from increasing the testosterone levels in men, they are also indulged in muscle building. Eggs are an excellent source to ensure protein, cholesterol, vitamin D, and omega-3s, all of which help in the production of testosterone.
  • Almonds- Apart from being an answer to how to increase testosterone in men naturally, Almonds are the prime source for the mineral zinc. So, apart from increasing the testosterone levels, men having a zinc deficiency might try them as well.
  • Spinach- Remember, Popeye the Sailorman? So, as it proves, Spinach has established itself as a strong source of testosterone booster for a long time. Spinach is a natural source of magnesium that contains vitamin B6 and Iron. Thus, helps to equate positively with the testosterone levels. So, no more staying away from the Spinach, right?
  • Porridge Oats- Many of us might not be fond of the Porridge oats. But men, do remember that these are an excellent source of B Vitamins, which serves as the key for good testosterone production. Oats form an excellent source of a variety of B Vitamins and therefore are considered as one of the best testosterone boosting foods.
  • Lemons- Citrus foods are anyway a great booster for the testosterone levels, and lemons are no exception. They lower the level of cortisol, and possess Vitamin A, that readily produces more testosterone. Besides, they also help in lowering the estrogen level. That means the testosterone can be more effective.
  • Salmon– Now, this is my personal favorite. How about you? Supreme quality wild salmon is an excellent addition to this list of testosterone boosting foods. Salmon has magnesium, vitamin B, and omega-3s that works wonders to increase testosterone levels. Also, this helps to decrease the level of the ‘Sex Hormone Binding Globulin’ which makes testosterone non-functional. If this is also lowered, testosterone tends to have more of an impact on your body.
  • Tuna- As per the researchers of Graz Medical University in Austria, Tuna fish is an excellent source of Vitamin D that helps to increase testosterone levels by 90%. Vitamin D also aids to maintain sperm count, and tuna is an excellent source to get this specific vitamin.
  • Bananas- Was this new? Well, Bananas has an enzyme called bromelain that’s known to boost testosterone levels. Bananas, as we all know also work wonders for maintaining energy levels, and reducing antioxidants. So, start healthy snacking today.

Apart from the food, healthy habits and a proper lifestyle also works well to optimize testosterone levels. All set to adopt the steps?

2. Proper Workouts And Weight Lifts

Do we need to explain this? As we all know, proper exercise and workout are one of the most effective ways to restrain several lifestyle-related diseases. However, did you know that this also helps to boost your testosterone?

A large review from the studies has sorted out that the men who have immensely worked out, had higher testosterone levels. This is especially true for elderly people, where proper exercise has helped them to increase testosterone levels, fitness, and reaction time. Besides, physical activity is always a safer option than following a weight loss diet to increase testosterone levels.

So, the next time while you are immersed in the thought of how to increase testosterone in men naturally, think of following a proper and suitable workout regime.

3. Grab A Healthy Lifestyle And Disown The Estrogen-Like Compounds

Several other factors have a direct effect on your hormone levels. To spill the beans, a sound and healthy sex life play an essential role in regulating the sex hormone, and testosterone.

Besides, being exposed to estrogen-like chemicals might also affect your levels, probing a negative impact. So, try to minimize the level of exposure to parabens and other chemicals found in some specific kind of plastic

Alcohol, no matter how dear they are to you, it’s probably no surprise that making it a habit of excessive drug use, be it for medical or recreational purpose, is a major factor that also decreases the testosterone levels

Finally, try to make laughter, happiness, and success as a part of your daily life. They help to boost up health while increasing the testosterone levels.

4. Sun-Bath Or Vitamin D Supplement- Whatever Suits You Best

Vitamin D is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular vitamins. Researches have also shown that it is filled with several health benefits, and might even work as a natural testosterone booster.

Might sound strange, but despite its importance, almost half of the US population is Vitamin D deficient, while a level more than that has a higher percentage of sub-optimal levels.

In the elderly, Vitamin D and calcium also helps to optimize the testosterone levels, which in turn leads to a reduced risk of falling. To boost up the testosterone level, and reap the other benefits of vitamin D, try to opt for regular exposure to sunlight or try to intake almost 3,000 IU of a Vitamin D3 supplement daily.

5. Proper Rest And Sound Sleep

Get a proper enhancement, as it serves as another prime factor for your health maintenance, along with diet and exercise. Lack of sound health has a major demeaning effect on your testosterone levels.

Well, there’s no definite answer when asked about the ideal amount of sleep. This factor varies from person to person, but the reports of a specific study proved that only 5 hours of sleep per night resulted in a 15% reduction in the testosterone levels.

Apart from the above, researchers and experts have also come across other studies. One of these long-term studies observed that the individuals who have slept for only four hours per night had suffered from borderline deficient levels. While another study also calculated that for every additional hour of sleep you get, the testosterone levels get increased by 15% higher, on average.

Although some people might not find a lack of proper sleep discomforting, researches have also suggested that around 7–10 hours of sleep per night is the best for maintaining long-term health, and of course, for your testosterone level.

6. Cutting Down On Stress And The Cortisol Level

While we have already discussed this factor, when considering the factors of how to increase testosterone in men naturally, researchers have always emphasized on highlighting the dangers of long-term stress. This in turn might elevate the levels of the hormone cortisol.

Stress and high cortisol also increase food intake, obesity, weight gain, and the unnecessary storage of harmful body fat around the organs. In turn, these changes might harm your testosterone levels. To conclude, to keep your health at par with your hormone levels, consciously try to avoid/reduce stressful situations in your life.

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All the above factors boil down to a single conclusion that no matter how much you scratch your head in seeking answers for how to increase testosterone in men naturally, you need a proper revamp of your life. Proper sleep, healthy food, cutting down on stress, a regular workout regime, and a cheerful mind, are the prime factors that work as a catalyst to improve the quality of your life.

If you were unaware of the fact, then let me also remind you that, increasing the testosterone levels results in causing gains in muscle mass and vitality, that also within a matter of weeks. So, that was more than enough as a booster to work on the testosterone levels. What say, guys?