How To Get Curly Hair For Guys? – 8 Professional Tips

Most of the guys back out while we discuss curly hair. Frizzy, tangled, unkempt, difficult to maintain are the adjectives that have become synonymous with curly or wavy hair. However, curly-haired guys seem to be the center of attraction due to its impromptu nature and the unpredictable vibes it produces. They are best left untamed and that increases the hotness quotient. To sum up, men with curls are undoubtedly drooling. Now, the question remains how to get curly hair for guys?

how to get curly hair for men

Numerous studies backed by statistical data states that curly haired men are more preferred than straight-haired ones. So, with such widespread popularity, the primary steps remain to get the curls in proper shape while dedicating a considerable amount of time to maintaining them.

In case you have occupied your mind with the thought of searching for the right ways to grab the curls in proper shape, we made it easy for you. Have an in-depth study of the section below to browse through the ways to get natural curls in the most effortless ways.

8 Easy Ways To Get Natural Curly Hair For Men

The primary step in acquiring natural curls also states not to put a hostile nature against them, rather start with a gentle approach with moisturizing, and combing, as the texture of curls acquires a whole lot of wetness and hydration.

1. Rinse More But With Less Shampoo

The Shampoo helps to drain out the dirt from the hair, however, it also makes it dry, putting a bar on the formations of waves and curls. That was new, right? The shampoo you are using empties your hair of the natural oils, which is the prime factor for giving the hair mobility. If not rinsed properly, shampoo tends to remain in the nooks and corner making the hair extra heavy that makes the hair look flat and damp. The best way is to stop the frequent usage of shampoo to keep the curls intact. To remove dirt, use cold or lukewarm water for proper rinsing.

2. Dry Your Hair Naturally

Towels are specifically designed to carry minuscule-shaped fibers to mop-up the liquid. Many people might not know this but while drying hair with a towel the natural oils get absorbed in it as well, making the hair dehydrated. Similarly, hairdryers also cause harm by exposing the curls to immense heat and blowing away all the leftover moisture, thus, resulting in frizz and tangles. In case you are seriously thinking about how to get curly hair for guys, avoid towels, and hairdryers. Instead, allow the hair to dry naturally.

3. Sea Salt Spray Is A Good Thing

People consider this spray to be effective in creating voluminous hair though it also has its other set of advantages. This one works great for the creation of beach curls and waves while upholding the natural bends and twirls found in the hair. Sea salt spray usually has a minimal hold with a finer finish, that won’t make your hair look crumbly. To make the curls look more prominent, spray it on the hair while it is still shower-wet and make the curls with your finger.

4. Usage Of A Heated Curler

Guys with medium or long hair can go for this one. Of course, heated curling wands or rollers are the fastest and coolest ways while thinking about how to get curly hair for guys. Just remember to spray a heat-shielding spray all over your hair to restrain the damps and damages. Then start doing the curls in sections. The rule of the thumb remains that the curls tend to become tighter with a slender curling wand and mini rollers.

5. Usage Of Products That Intensifies Curls

The products magnifying the curls also add extra mileage to your hair while reducing the number of frizzes. They are also in use to keep the hair intact and in place. The curl strengthening works best on dry and damped hair. Before buying it, have a thorough check of your hair texture and type, as it would be painful to see your curls go out of shape or weighed down.

6. Opt For The Appropriate Haircut

The first thing to consider while thinking about how to get curly hair for guys is to opt for a haircut that would flaunt the curls/waves in a better way. Short or medium length haircut is always suggested for the proper usage of heated curlers. Works need to be done more on straight hair, where a certain length permits the creation of faux curls. Stylists always recommend a pompadour coupled with fringes or fade cut, which remains shorter on the sides while the longer hair is on the top. This gives you enough scope to create curls with a sea salt spray.

7. Perming Is Also An Option

In the short form of ‘permanent-wave’, a perm is the best option while pinning for enduring curls or waves. It’s a sort of chemical treatment if your hair is badly damaged by bleach. So, consult with your stylist before opting for this. He/she would fix your hair with rods, then with measured application of chemicals would modify the structure on an extensive level. This would result in amazing curls with a duration of six months, after which it would grow naturally. After perming, you can’t wash your hair for several days, but post that, style and rinse as much you want.

8. Application Of Moroccan/Argon Oil

Moroccan/Argon oil has been in use for ages to keep the health of the hair intact and maintain the overall shine. This one works well for different types and textures of hair, but with curls, they become most productive as the curls need more moisture than straight hair. Because of the presence of several waves and kinks, it becomes more difficult for the natural oil present in the scalp to reach deep down to the hair shaft. Argon/Moroccan oil is a premier quality and natural hydrating product that keeps the frizz away. Apply it before blow-drying or as a finishing touch, the choice is yours.


That quite sums up the query on how to get curly hair for guys. Just remember that proper maintenance, usage of the best hair care products, combing it right are the key factors determining the curls for boys. So, while you have decided to bag the curls, also get yourself reminded of the ways of maintaining it, because that’s the only way tangles get removed and hair fall gets restricted. With the points, above and the zeal and zest in mind, embark on your journey to get the curls you wanted long.