How To Be A Confident Man?

Confidence, a shorter word with a massive impact. Agreeable, much? Well, of course, and even if confidence as an attribute is not gender-biased, people tend to get attracted to men who show sheer confidence in their actions and behavior. For most of the men, confidence is quiet, in-built, and unpretentious. However, there are times where you might feel bogged down, seeking ways for how to be a confident man?

how to be a confident man

That is the time my friends when you need to sit back relax and rewind your thoughts and actions. Sadly, for men with a dearth of self-confidence, there is a constant seeking of approval and positive reviews from the people around them. This is how they try to gain their self-worth back. One thing remains true, that confidence emerges from deep down somewhere, with the understanding that every man has innate values in them. Also, it’s not a mandate that you prove your worthiness to others.

Just remember that you don’t require the confidence to act. Instead, you take small actions patiently to build up the confidence you lack. With this thought in mind, and a smile etched on your lips, get your eyes glued to the section below and read about the 10 ways of becoming a more confident man.

10 Ways To Become a More Confident Man

1. Dress Up To Feel Good

‘Men don’t need to dress up or style, the natural look is their thing’, a notion going rounds for years is utter nonsense. Men also need time rather should take out time to dress up and groom themselves. Of course, it doesn’t signify promoting brands, but yes going for a proper shave, shower, running a comb through the strands, and dressing in a decent way are the essentials that men should indulge in. Look good, feel better. Remember, you can always wear confidence up your sleeve even while donning tees and track pants.

2. Fixup Small Goals And Meet Them

Goals are the promises we make to ourselves and even if promises are meant to be broken, try not to break this one. For that, fix yourself small goals like waking up early. Also, one goal one day keeps the lowered self-esteem away. So, once you have start fulfilling all the set targets, aim for bigger ones. It’s a self-motivating cycle that works well with smaller aims and finally reaching out to the complex ones.

3. Have A Rewind Of All The Past Achievements

It is completely ok to fail. The taste of success becomes sweet after battling through failure. However, failure makes you feel bogged down. In times as such these and with the thought perceiving of how to be a confident man, have a major throwback of all your past achievements. The records of your successes trigger off the lost confidence, with the persuasion that you are not a screwed-up person. For better results, maintain a journal and write down about them. Go through them while in despair and boost up the confidence level high.

4. Learn Something New And Skillful

To be honest, a confident man can learn any skill and with much ease and perfection. Remember the line that when life throws a lemon at you, make a lemonade out of it? Similarly, if you can take the challenge of honing any new skill which you haven’t done before, you can face any hardship in life. Learning doesn’t have a bar of age. So, keep picking up things now and then. Driving, gardening, martial arts, or maybe any musical instrument? Go for it and take the plunge.

5. Keep Your Friends Close And Caregivers Closer

Negative criticisms or feedbacks, which are mentally depressing, might shoot out from friends, families, close ones, or even strangers. Of course, this shakes up the confidence. For situations like these, while you get criticism disguised as concern, have a look at the person first. Is he/she the person you would love to aspire to while reaching your goal? If they comment on your sense of style or dressing sense just think for a moment whether you want to dress up like them or follow their style? If no, is the answer then ignorance is bliss. Feedbacks are important if they are from the people who genuinely care. 

6. Shun The Fair Of Being Constantly Judged

Real confidence lies in being happy the way you are. Of course, room for some improvements and betterment are always present. However, the fear of constantly being judged, feeling ashamed or insecure due to that is a major blockage while considering how to be a confident man. Confident men don’t bother themselves with the fear of being judged, or the opinions others have towards them unless it carries some positive vibes.

7. Stop The Blame Game And Hunting For Excuses

A man is always responsible for his actions. Making an excuse indicates that for your actions you are blaming someone else or a certain situation. If this thing becomes a habit, ‘I can’t ever go wrong’ is the thought process that is etched in the mind forever. The respect you have for other people automatically comes down when they realize this blame game. A confident man works with the realization that it’s ok to make mistakes. The best thing is to learn from them, comprehend the lesson with the promise that this won’t be repeated, instead of passing the blame to others.

8. Face Conflicts And Deal With Them Gracefully

Being a confident man doesn’t mean showing aggressiveness unnecessarily or picking up fights even when not needed. That would only fetch negative publicity. That is also not suggestive of the fact that you would let other people walk over you or hung up on you every time. Extremities shouldn’t take over the scene in either of the situations. Insecure would try to shy away from a conflicting situation every time. While pepping up for how to be a confident man. However, a confident man would read in between the lines, detect the issue, and then deal with it gracefully. At times, it might need compromises for a proper negotiation, but then at the end of the day, it’s always about the matter and not making the other person small. Finding the middle ground might be also reached through mutual respect towards each other instead of mud throwing or a dirty battle of words.

9. You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Act

When you have a clear conception of what you want to do, start acting on it instead of waiting for other’s remarks or permission. It’s okay to seek help from others in places where you are not confident or in areas where your base is not strong. While pepping up for how to be a confident man also refers to the fact that you have complete knowledge of both your strengths and weaknesses. A confident man won’t ever shy away from admitting his problems while seeking professional help for betterment. However, an insecure man would pretend to know it all. Sometimes, life gives you situations where you would have to work with foes camouflaged as friends. However, in situations like those, the best way to save your ass is to keep your cool, be alert, confident, and think of only positivity.

10. Don’t Make Social Media An Important Segment Of Your Life

While scrolling through the social media posts you must have come across someone holidaying in Hawaii and you are toiling hard from 9 to 5. You want that glamorous life and hate being stuck at work. However, things might not turn out the way they seem. Photographers get paid to create that kind of beauty. Nobody or nothing is perfect. Rather, imperfection is the key to a successful and secure life. Confident men don’t allow other’s social media postings to ruin their happiness or dictate their lives. The moment they feel that these social media postings are harming their mental peace, meting out negative vibes, they opt for a ‘digital detox’, try to stay away as much as possible from these sites. Happiness depends on little things. Men who have realized this enjoy a life full of happiness and contentment.


‘Boys don’t cry’ is a phrase that every boy learns during their formative years. This is not only wrong but leaves a deeper impact on their later lives. In the same way, they feel ashamed to talk about their lack of confidence. In certain areas, lack of confidence in men is a ‘taboo’ as confidence is supposed to be a part and parcel of the ‘macho-image’ they carry.

This is also the reason why men push themselves to the edge while putting that look of ‘cool and confidant’ as per the societal demands. After a certain point when it reaches the brim they throw up. This might follow taking the ultimate decision of death.

Men also cry and feel low- it’s high time that society should understand this fact. So, men even if you feel low, we have covered everything that you need. Consider reading the above points while you perceive the thought of how to be a confident man. You are welcome by the way.