10 Best Pomade For Thick Hair in 2022

Pomade is a creamy, greasy, waxy, or water-based hair product used to style hair. The word pomade comes from the French word pomade, meaning “ointment,” which originates from a Latin word pomum meaning (fruit, apple). The original recipe for pomade included mashed apples as the core ingredient. The present-day pomades are often full of fragrance but can also be found fragrance-free. Pomade helps to get a sleek and elegant look but does not look greasy. Pomade can help you sustain the same style for two days, and thus it will be staying on hair for long thus, it should be of excellent quality. Finding the best pomade for your hair type and the look you want to adorn is a complex task and will require diving in the pomade sea. Looking stylish and neat with thick hair will ensure that you apply the adequate pomade quantity correctly. It will take an immense series of hits and trials before finding the best pomade for thick hair. Here is a comprehensive outlook on the different brands of pomade.

best pomade for thick hair

The Best Men’s Pomade For Thick Hair

The best pomade for thick hair is difficult to choose. The market is flooded with various hair pomades that make it difficult to select one. These are the handpicked pomades that are easily available for online purchase.

1. Hair Craft Co. Pomade 4oz

It is the best pomade for thick hair that sets the users free from the task of applying multiple layers of the product and leave the hair dry and clumpy. The presence of sustainable ingredients makes the hair look sharp without cleaning it after use. Barber approves it, and once you start using it like the other users, you will claim it to be the best pomade for thick hair. The product goes through rigorous tests and trials before they are packed and delivered to our esteemed customers. Therefore once you include this pomade in your kit, you will never replace it.

Key features:

  • It is water-soluble and easy to wash out.
  • It has the best balance of sustainable ingredients.
  • The product quantity makes it last for a longer period.
  • Does justice to all the variety of hair types.
  • Gives a semi-matte finish to the hair.
  • It comes in 4oz pacing that lasts longer.
  • It will suit all the looks, be it a party or beach or office look.
  • Made only for the hair with a thicker texture.

2. Pacinos Pomade – Firm Hold

This pomade, along with a very beautiful masculine aroma, presents the better of the two worlds. The pomade gives firm hold but with immense flexibility to style or restyle as per desire. The pomade ingredients are friendly and have no harsh chemicals and can be used for kids. If getting long-lasting, styling effects on your hair is your prime concern without damaging the hair quality or texture, then the best pomade for thick hair is Pacinos. It contains soft wax and oil that do not give a made-up look but enhance your hair’s natural look. It comes in 2oz packaging and can be easily applied on damp or wet hair; thus, it is a travel-friendly pack. Comparing the price of this pomade with others in the market, it is inevitable that it is slightly in the high range. The amount required to use for applying the same is very less, and therefore it is an economical option.

Key features:

  • The pomade has moisturizing ingredients and creates a dapper definition to hair.
  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • Can be used by the kids.
  • Holds the hair for a long time without any split.
  • Allows ample flexibility to style your hair.
  • The pomade adds to a semi-shine feature of hair resulting in the desired look.
  • Consists of a water-soluble formula that gets easily washed away.

3. Extreme Hold Pomade For Men

Viking Revolution styling your thick hair will become a very easy chore with the revolutionary Viking Revolution firm hold pomade. Importantly it is a versatile pomade and adds to goodness using increasing the care that one can extend to hair with hair care products. Viking is a trusted brand and has stood the test of time and gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers. The company is also open to suggestions and feedback; if you don’t like the product, you can reach out to its customer desk, and your problem will be resolved. Because of its excellent after-sale services and the quality, it became a common household name within its launch. Natural-looking shiny hair is possible with the pomade, and interestingly, your thick hair will not look crusty.

Key Features:

  • It is a water-based pomade that provides a stronghold to provide a modern, classic, formal, messy, casual, or even slick look.
  • It has the best of ingredients and, therefore, never dries out the hair or damages it.
  • It contains no harsh chemicals.
  • Easy to wash out of the hair without leaving any sticky residue.
  • Natural-looking shiny hair.
  • Leaves a shiny finish to the hair.

4. Viking Revolution Pomade For Men

The Pomade comes from the Viking brand and therefore is a product that can be easily trusted. The best pomade to buy for thick hair presents a stronghold to get the modern, classic, casual, slick, formal, or messy style. Therefore if your dry thick hair stopped you from getting the desired look, now there is no looking back. Style your hair with side parts, slick backs, and pompadours with this pomade. The main ingredient of the pomade is castor oil that has been used for centuries for promoting hair growth; thus, one can use the pomade and get style with strength. The company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, and if there is an issue with the product, you can connect with the company and get the matter resolved. Applying the pomade is easy, on your clean wet, or damp hair, apply it and style your hair.

Key Features:

  • It is best suited for dry hair, and therefore, at last, one can claim safely that unruly hair meets its true savior.
  • It is a water-soluble formula, and thus, applying it or rinsing it is very easy and doesn’t need much of your time.
  • It has a light minty smell that soothes your senses and helps you relax all day long.
  • Gives a stronghold to the hair.
  • Adds moisture and flexibility to the hair.
  • The castor oil present in it nourishes your hair as well.
  • Can only be applied to dampened or wet hair.

5. American Crew Pomade 1.75 oz, Smooth Control With High Shine

Water-based pomade is best suited for curly hair. The pomade strengthens the hair and styles it beautifully. To apply the pomade, it is very easy. Simply wet your hair or on damp hair apply a small amount of pomade on your hair by rubbing it evenly between the palms. Thereby once the hair has absorbed the pomade, style it as per your liking. The class is suitable for all lengths of hair and can be used to give a classic, slicked-back look to your curly hair. It is a very flexible alternative to create style and has the best ingredients that strengthen your hair. The brand American Crew has been there in the market for more than 25 years and has several awards for its wide range of hair care products that strike the perfect balance between good looks and healthy mane.

Key Features:

  • The pomade can be used to get medium hold and high shine.
  • It is a dairy-free product and has the goodness of castor oil
  • The pomade is water-based and can be easily removed with a mild shampoo without leaving any residue.
  • Provides nourishment to the hair.
  • Strengthens the roots of the hair.
  • Takes time to dry when applied to hair.

6. Suavecito Shine-Free Matte Pomade For Men 4-OZ

The best pomade to buy for thick hair is this as it comes from a reputed brand. It is a wax-based pomade that is shine-free and gives a matte look. It can help you get classic, retro, modern, casual, and the old school style that lasts all day long. The barbers swear by this pomade and have used it for ages for styling their clients. The company has researched thoroughly about the needs of men and women who drive bikes, cars, and tattoos, and after understanding their requirements, they have developed a product that is 100% made in the USA. The company banks on the aspect that it provides premium haircare range products without pinching the pocket. The company has tried to break the monopoly of the salons that provide high priced hair care products and are thus not affordable for all the users. The quality of the product is outstanding, with a wax-like grip and gel-like after wash effect. With this pomade, you can style your hair instantly in any style ranging from side parts, slicks, faux hawks, messy, or so on.

Key Features:

  • It is a water-soluble pomade and leaves no white residue.
  • It has a lightly scented aroma that blends well in your hair with the help of a comb and thus becoming easier to style the hair.
  • It has a creamy consistency that is perfect for personal and professional use.
  • Leaves a matte finish to the hair even after application.
  • You can flexibly style the hair according to your liking.
  • Lasts for a longer time.
  • May be hard to remove due to the wax formula.

7. AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade 2.64 oz

It gives a medium hold but is dairy-free and very light on the hair. It is a water-soluble pomade and leaves no white residue. It has a lightly scented aroma that blends well in your hair with the help of a comb and thus becoming more comfortable to style the hair. The pomade gives perfect control for hair without crunching or making the hair looking flaky or crusty. AXE is a very reputed and trusted name in hair care products, and this pomade, when used with other products from the brand, proves its worth by giving the desired results that can stun all. It is perfect to create a semi-classic finish look or for a casual look. The pomade works perfectly with AXE shampoo and conditioner. Professional swears by its name when creating a perfect classic, clean-cut look is to be delivered to the clients.

Key Features:

  • It is a gel-based pomade that gives a shine finish.
  • A small amount of the pomade goes a long way, and thus, it proves to be the most economical option in the category of best pomade to buy for thick hair.
  • The pomade works well for short to long hair and can be styled as per the requirement.
  • The pomade works effortlessly to tame the unruly hair and combat any type of pouf.
  • Feels very light when applied.
  • Leaves a natural finish to the hair.
  • The scented aroma can disturb your senses a bit.

8. Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Matte Cream

If for your thick hair you are looking for a cream that is light in weight, gives the hold but feels as if there is nothing extra in hair, and washes out easily from the hair then your best bet is the Cremo Premium barber grade hair styling cream. Unlike the other pomades that can be applied only on wet or damp hair, this pomade can dry to get messy or any other related look. The company proudly announces that it creates barber grade products at the most affordable prices. Notably, the company makes many products, and this can be confusing, but the company has made labels for the products that are self-explanatory. On glancing at the label itself, one can clearly understand the ingredients and use of the pomade. Thus it is a user-friendly and pocket-friendly pomade for daily use.

Key Features:

  • It is the perfect cream for enhanced hold but with low shine.
  • The pomade works well if you need to tame the unruly hair.
  • The cream-based pomade suits all hair types with all hair lengths, and it is dairy-free.
  • Gives a nice grip to the hair due to the cream consistency.
  • Does not require much effort to wash it out.
  • Quite pocket-friendly.
  • Hardly has any shine when applied to the hair.

9. Brickell Men’s Styling Clay Pomade For Men

A pomade with the goodness of bee wax, kaolin clay, water, glycerin, essential oils, castor oil, argan oil, green tea extracts, hydrolyzed quinoa, and much more to nourish and style the hair. Therefore, if you are using the product, rest assured that your texture and quality will improve, and yet the style you want for your hair will be achieved with it. The excellent quality pomade comes from Brickell’s, creating skincare and grooming products for men for decades and uses natural and organic ingredients to make the products. The products are of international fame and have a client base in more than 100 countries. The products have been promoted and recommended by experts from international magazines like GQ, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and other leading popular men’s magazines.

Key Features:

  • It is best suited for oily, dry, and normal hair as it nourishes the hair and styles it.
  • The pomade is free from toxins and all types of parabens that could harm the hair and are commonly found in other hair styling products.
  • The pomade has clay and thus gives enhanced hold but with a matte finish and natural look.
  • Men from any age bracket can use it for strong, yet pliable hold for all day.
  • It has the goodness of argan oil and hydrolyzed quinoa that nourish the roots and strengthen them.
  • It might be difficult to wash away the clay product.

10. Challenger Men’s Matte Cream Pomade 3 Ounce

This is an amazing pomade with the aroma of a tea tree that relaxes and soothes all your senses while making you look stylish. It has all-natural, sulfate-free, and chemical-free ingredients making it the best option in the best pomade to buy for thick hair. The amazing matte and drift is light in weight but holds well and can be rinsed out easily with a wash and, at times, even without the use of shampoo. Coming from a reputed brand like Challenger, it is trusted worldwide and is a product that claims it to be cruelty-free.

Key Features:

  • The smell is light and subtle, and thus, without even disturbing you, it stays on you to make you feel comforted.
  • It has a professional and high-quality matte finish that will make you look good on all occasions.
  • It is the only pomade in a 3-ounce pack, making it both travel-friendly and a daily use product.
  • The product is best suited for dry, thick, and straight hair.
  • It has a matte finish and can be easily applied to damp or towel dry hair.
  • It has a medium-firm hold that might not hold hair with a high-volume.

Buying Guide For The Best Pomade For Thick Hair

Before buying the best pomade for use, make sure that the pomade suits your hair requirement. The pomade chosen will help you set your thick hair in the most stylish, comfortable, and thus you cannot go wrong with it. The market is full of pomades; thus, before selecting the one that suits your thick hair to consider the following:

  • Ideal Use- Choose a pomade that suits your exact requirement and if it’s meant for providing sheen or hold or matte. There are different pomades even based on water or wax or gel-based on different hair types, thus choosing your requirement. However, there are options available even for multipurpose thus, depending on your preference, select the best pomade for thick hair.
  • Price– This is crucial as the pomade will be highly used in your daily life, and you will need it for all your special days and, at times, for all day long; thus, select a pomade that doesn’t pinch your pocket.
  • Quality- the quality of the pomade should be of the best quality and approved by the barber. The pomade will be applied to the hair and let it stay there, so no harsh chemicals or toxins should be in it. Importantly, dermatologists should approve of it.
  • Type- It should be kept in mind that there are high, medium, and low shine in pomade, and with different types of pomade, there is different shine and hold. Hold and shine are different for different pomades. The market is flooded with different brands of pomade that can be selected as per the individual needs of the person and their hair types. People can have thick or thin hair and different hair density, and thus, the pomade that will suit them will also vary.

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There are a variety of pomades available in the market, so are the myths that surround the usage of them. Many often claim that using pomade is harmful to hair health, but on the contrary, the truth is entirely different. It is a myth that needs to be burst that pomades dry out the scalp resulting in dandruff, itching, and hair fall. Using the best pomade for thick hair will add to the quality and look of the hair. Pomade has the essential oils that nourish the hair and make it look settled while providing it a cover that protects it from all the harmful chemicals and pollutants. Style your hair with pomade and look like a star; after three days of use, it is recommended to wash out the pomade as it could be built up due to the dirt and pollutant we encounter. Pomades make it easy to manage the hair.