The 6 Best Derma Roller For Beard Growth

Beard on men has always been a sign of masculinity. There are hardly any men who don’t fantasize about keeping a stunning and attractive beard. Most of them often think of getting a different look with designer stubble to hipster beards. Stylish beards and mustaches are in trend now and it has been found that men often think that keeping a beard boosts their confidence. However, there are some problems with it as well. Men often complain that the growth of their facial hair is pretty slow and they are unable to do any style with it. At that time, they search for a lot of options, and the derma roller for beard is one of them.

Derma rollers are a micro-needling device, which is commonly used for facial rejuvenation among men. It is not only used for increasing facial hair growth, but also for a number of purposes. Derma rollers can help in removing wrinkles, stretch marks, and fine facial lines. It has been proven that derma rollers help in stimulating hair growth if it is associated with minoxidil treatment.

best derma roller for beard

Best Derma Roller For Your Beard

1. Glemme Derma Roller Kit For Healthy Beard

This is a total kit to get thicker facial hair and also a smooth skin at the same time. This derma roller for beard growth comes with oil serum, comb, balm wax, and a roller. Check out the features to know why it is one of the best products available for you.

Key Features:

  • The bread roller can create a thousand microscopic injuries on your face to stimulate the healing process and blood circulation. It boosts the sleeping follicle with the help of the healing process and as a result, you get a thicker beard.
  • The product with essential oils and beard wax is full of natural ingredients like jojoba and argan oil, rosehip, calendula, and more to make your beard smooth and soft to touch.
  • The hair growth oil contains ingredients like capilia longa, which is very effective for growing hair.
  • It is a 540-titanium needles beard roller which is best for stimulating hair growth.
  • Increases absorption of oil bin the hair
  • Smoothes the beard and makes it look shiny
  • Prevent hair loss and keep your beard thicker
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for every type of hair

2. Youcopia Dearma Roller – Promotes Natural Hair Growth

This is also one of the popular brands for derma roller for beard. It comes with a microneedle roller, hair growth serum, and oil. When you choose this brand, you will never have to think before keeping that heavy stubble beard. Check out the amazing features this product has to offer.

Key Features:

  • Amazing beard serum to promote hair growth and give you a thicker and healthier beard. The serum contains the nutrients and vitamins that are important for the growth of the hair. Also, it gives you healthy hair that looks perfect when you get ready to attend a party!
  • The skin derma roller in this package is best for promoting blood flow to the treatment area. It is also effective in demolishing bald areas by boosting new hair follicle to grow.
  • With 0.3 mm needle size, the product is safe and your beard-cutting session will be 100% painless. You will just feel a tingling sensation when you use the product at your home.
  • Improves the appearances of your beard. You can see the change when your thick beard looks healthy and shiny.
  • Applying horizontally and diagonally around the coverage area gives the best result.
  • Applying serum for a shinning and lasting look is possible with this product.
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Keeps the beard healthy and thick
  • No such cons were reported for this product.

3. Titanium Derma Rollers for Healthy Beard

Are you one of them who always thinks about how to get a good beard day? Titanium derma rollers are at your rescue. Sometimes, it has been found that even after using good derma rollers the result is not satisfactory. But, when you choose Titanium, you will never have to think about the result. Let us explore the key features here.

Key Features:

  • The roller is 0.25 mm needle size, which is safe and painless to use. When you apply the roller in the treatment area, a sensation takes place with minor injuries. It stimulates the blood flow of the area that needs extreme hair growth. As a result, the blood circulation hydrates the skin and new hair follicles are growing.
  • After using the roller, you need to use the serum that comes with the kit. Applying serum instantly heals the micro-injuries and hydrates the skin. The serum contains the essential vitamins and nutrients that are healthy for the beard hair. It makes the beard look healthy and enhances your appearance.
  • You need to disinfect the roller before using and apply it on the affected area diagonally and horizontally for 4-5 times for the best result.
  • Easy to use and painless
  • Serum soothes the skin and promotes healthy hair growth
  • The serum heals wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage
  • Your full beard look will be perfect with Titanium roller
  • No such reported

4. Follicle Booster – The Name Says it All

The best part of this product is it is organic with no animal testing. The other products mentioned in this guide are also not full of harmful chemicals. But, when you choose this brand, you are indulging in a 100% organic product.

Key Features:

  • The product promotes hair growth. Follicle Booster is one of the members of the roller family that not only gives you thicker but also darker hair. Jet-black beard is indeed stunning and makes your appearance different instantly.
  • The roller has 540 needles with 0.25 mm of length. The needles are sterilized under UV light before it is shipped. You can also use it in your scalp to grow a new follicle.
  • The kit comes with beard growth oil, cleansing soap, and serum. The products are manufactured with Apple Extracts, Biotin Vitamins, Peptides, Indian Keno Tree Extracts, and more to make your beard strong and thicker.
  • It also has e-guide and videos that contain instructions to use the product safely and perfectly so that the best result can be obtained.
  • Guaranteed results with 50% darker and thicker beard in just 2 months
  • Safe and painless to use
  • Serum and oil may not be suitable for every skin and hair type

5. JJ Ellie Beard Kit With Derma Roller

The product is 100% safer and also very popular in the beard family. It comes in a kit with beard, oil serum, and roller. Filled with high-quality ingredients, it stimulates growth and makes your better half go ‘wow’ when they witness the darker and thicker beard that has changed your look.

Key Features:

  • 25 mm needle size which is effective to create micro-injuries painlessly. When you use this roller for beard growth, you can witness the changes with new hair follicle on your face.
  • Enhances glowing skin with the serum and oil. The ingredients are of high quality and organic.
  • The derma roller can be rolled over the skin gently enhancing the blood circulation.
  • Disinfecting the roller and using it diagonally and horizontally will help you to grow hair. The stimulation of hair growth and proper usage of oil and serum will help your beard grow thick and dark.
  • Organic product with no animal testing
  • 540 high-quality microneedle or a rather cosmetic needle
  • Balding will not be a complication anymore
  • Can be used in the scalp as well
  • Regrowth of hair is guaranteed
  • No such cons stated

6. Beardly – Beard Growth Kit

Your search for a derma roller for beard will end when you get Beard Growth Kit. You will be confident to appear anywhere when you use this product. It has a specific technology that can help your hair growth and also enhances the quality of the hair as well.

Key Features:

  • De-fluffier technology will help replace the dull and weak hair with thick, dark, and soft hair. Your beard will be so soft that you can easily get into any style starting from French cut to full beard or a goatee.
  • It only takes 5 minutes to complete the whole facial beard space. With soft needles, the process is painless.
  • The serum will enhance hair growth and make it thicker and shinier. The product is organic with rich ingredients.
  • Enhances the growth of hair follicles
  • Make your beard stronger and darker
  • Promote blood flow and hydrates your beard
  • Vitamins with the oil will make your look different smart
  • May not be suitable for every skin and hair type


Will Derma Roller Promote Beard Growth?

If you want a direct answer to this question, it can be said that a concrete answer is yet to be found. There is a lot of evidence that shows these rollers do work. Yet, there are some mixed reactions. Some of the men say that within a month or two, they have witnessed thicker beard after using derma roller for beard. On the other hand, some men also complain that even after 6 months of using the roller, there is no noticeable change.

These reactions and results basically depend on the hormones of an individual. But, if we look at the bigger picture, we can find out that, using derma rollers for enhancing beard growth has a lot of benefits. Check out those benefits here!

Thicker Beard With Derma Roller

Derma roller for beard growth is beneficial if you want to grow thicker facial hair. The roller basically aims to penetrate your skin with a lot of tiny needles. The pricks of these tiny needles cause micro-injuries to your face. These injuries facilitate the healing process of the skin triggering a rejuvenating effect of the hair follicles including the epidermis. By using this roller almost regularly, you can notice your beard growing thicker just within a month.

Makes Your Skin Vibrant

Derma rollers have chemicals and minoxidil that help in promoting collagen production. This stimulates blood circulation and as a result, your facial hair gets hydrated. As a result, your skin looks healthier and vibrant. Derma rollers not only help in hair growth but give an appealing look as well.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls who are still struggling to get a thicker beard and implement various styles and types, check out the best derma rollers here. Check out the list and choose the one you want for growing your beard.


As you just know the best derma roller for beard, you can choose anyone without delay. When you just get the best roller, your confidence will boost with thicker and darker hair. Beards are one of the most essential things for men. Keeping a stylish beard will make your look smarter and attractive. Choose one and change your look! Do not forget to share your experience.